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Assisting Business People in getting their message out to a wider audience on a global basis

Assisting business people with money making opportunities across a wide range of categories in getting their message out to a wider audience. Money Maker Talk is an initial online and then offline publication for all money making opportunities. The more your contribution in Support Crowdfunding and the more Team members introduced, the larger the advertisement size and overall circulation. Of particular appeal to those working from home who need to get their message out to others looking for business opportunities.

"Real Estate" Feature Added ---

Never has Real Estate or CrowdFunding seen anything like this before. It's a Real Estate Agents dream come true! Imagine all aspects of Real Estate (including getting homes for the homeless), being CrowdFunded ...

It's not just Real Estate Agents. It's anyone who may know other people associated in the Real Estate World. Imagine getting lots of contributions helping other people get theirs.

"Local Business" Feature Added ---

There's over 100 Million "Locally Owned" businesses worldwide. And guess what? Many of them need CrowdFunding to expand their business, acquire customers, purchase inventory, launch a new marketing campaign and more ...

And yes! Everyone of these business owners know other business owners with the same problem. Imagine getting lots of contributions helping other businesses get their contributions.

Our Program Guarantees More Funding!

Imagine this ... Non-profit organizations can receive incredible funding by helping other Non-profit organizations get theirs.

It's very cool when people and organizations can work together to help each other. Be sure to watch the: NEW PARADIGM-SHIFT IN FUNDRAISING VIDEO ...
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Featured Project
Featured Project
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Leslie Robert Wolfe, Founder

"Imagine getting huge contributions for helping other people fund their projects and fulfill their dreams" ...

Gary Page, Director Of Research

Gary is in charge of RESEARCH and MEDIA enhancing the experience of what Support CrowdFunding is all about.

Bruce Sniadach, Developer

In charge of our "developer team" including other aspects pertaining to our proprietary "search engine protocol" ...

Aurora Skarra-Gallagher

Lead Programmer. Responsible for tailoring a custom experience for our users ...
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Leslie Robert Wolfe, Founder, Bio (pdf download)
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